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Fix mistakes and learn from peers and Market Gurus with StoxHero. Trading made super fun and easy.
04AnalyseFinancial education anytime-everywhere
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Daily Active UsersBeyond stocks; discover F&O, IPO and lot more
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-Corporate Bonds-Equity-F&O-Cryptocurrency-
-Corporate Bonds-Equity-F&O-Cryptocurrency-
More than just stocksBeyond stocks; discover F&O, IPO and lot more
Real-time ThrillUse our virtual coins to invest in the market, learn the right way.
Market GuruGet expert analysis of your trading patters and learn fast
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StoxHero Games Technologies has partnered with TradingView for its charting technology. A comprehensive platform allowing users to track global markets, get live market data and also learn how to set up a stock screener for trading.

Start Simple, Grow Big, Earn More
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Start Simple, Grow Big, Earn More
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StoxHero is my go-to companion in the world of financial knowledge. The app's sleek design and intuitive interface make learning about stocks and investments a breeze. The bite-sized lessons and real-time market updates keep me engaged and informed. As a beginner, I appreciate the step-by-step approach to building my investment skills. StoxHero truly lives up to its name – my hero in the journey to financial empowerment!
StoxHero has transformed the way I approach investing. The interactive features and expertly crafted courses make it easy to understand complex financial concepts. The app's community forum is a valuable space for networking and learning from other users. StoxHero is a must-have for anyone looking to level up their investment game!
StoxHero isn't just an app; it's an essential tool for anyone serious about financial success. The budgeting and savings modules helped me take control of my finances. The gamified quizzes and challenges make learning enjoyable and effective. StoxHero is my trusted companion on the path to financial freedom!
StoxHero sets the standard for financial education apps. The app's comprehensive content covers everything from basic principles to advanced strategies. The personalized learning paths ensure that users of all levels find value. StoxHero has become my go-to resource for staying ahead in the ever-changing world of finance.
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