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Behind the scene: Crafting your trading journey!
Our dream is financial learning transformationWelcome to StoxHero, your trusted partner in the world of trading education. We're on a mission to make trading knowledge accessible and enjoyable for everyone. At StoxHero, we believe that a good financial education is the key to success in the markets. Our platform offers a unique blend of learning, practicing, and earning – all designed to empower you on your trading journey. From interactive courses and expert insights to hands-on market simulations and rewarding contests, we provide all the tools you need to grow from a beginner to a trading pro. Our community of learners and market gurus makes StoxHero more than just a platform – it's a space where knowledge meets opportunity. Join us at StoxHero, where your financial education adventure begins!
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Kush Beejal
Kush Beejal_linkedinKush BeejalStoxHero is my 2nd startup having previously built NeoStencil, a successful and profitable edtech platform acquired by India’s leading edtech company Unacademy in 2020. As VP, Business at Unacademy, I launched new business segments. In earlier roles, I worked as a Derivatives Trader for a leading prop-trading desk for 2.5 years. I hold degrees from IIT Bombay & IIM Calcutta.
Prateek Pawan
Prateek Pawan_linkedinPrateek PawanStoxHero is my 2nd startup. I previously built a food-tech startup MBL Foods Services, a leading chain in terms of orders for North Indian food on Zomato & Swiggy in Bangalore region. I have worked with Unacademy to set up new business lines. At Ninjacart, I handled operations in Delhi region, and prior to that, I worked as a Data Analyst with MuSigma & TCS. I am a Computer Science Engineer from NIT Rourkela.
Manish Nair
Manish Nair_linkedinManish NairBoasting a rich decade in startups, I have excelled in business development, operations, and strategy. My journey includes thriving in online advertising, marketplace, and edtech sectors, collaborating with IndiaMart, OLA, NeoStencil, and Unacademy. My enduring commitment drives me to redefine success.
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